Message from our Pastor

Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today and forever.

Hebrews 13:8

Last week I received pictures of my granddaughter with the note: look how she has changed. Indeed she has. One was a three-month baby picture and the other was a recent picture of our soon to be one-year old. As we see our children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren grow, we marvel and celebrate their development. From first tooth to first steps, to graduation and first jobs, to everything in-between, we see change that makes the growth possible. Yet, it is not uncommon when facing the challenges of difficult growth to wish for past times when things seemed easier.

While change may upset us, we are able to weather the changes of life through the strength of our family ties as children of God and our commitment to life as a disciple and servant of the one who does not change – Jesus Christ, our foundation for all times.  We face change on a daily basis --national, family, and personal levels –and even as part of the Body of Christ here at St. Andrew. That is more apparent during this time of discussion concerning merging and the future of St. Andrew.

In a world of change, it is easy to wish our church world could stay the same. Like parents, we may wish for the past, for less challenging times when things seemed easier and better. There is always comfort in familiar things and routines. We have our favorite pew. We like it when the service, the music, and the taste of the bread and wine are familiar. Yet, how we do things is not as important as why we do them. The order of our worship (and we Lutherans are people of good order) gathers us together in God’s love and forgiveness, centers us in God’s Word, nourishes us in a Holy Meal, and sends us out to be the people of God in a world that needs our service and witness. 

In these months ahead as we work to cooperate in ministry, we will experience change in this journey of faith. But along the way we remember that we share a living, daring confidence in God’s grace that enriches our lives and enables us to go forth each day into a future of change. We may not know exactly what tomorrow brings, but we know we are held together forever in God’s unchanging love.

Grace and peace,

Pastor Eileen