St Andrew:
Where young hearts learn to know and love God


Sunday School

Sunday School at St. Andrew Lutheran is open to all children ages 3 years through 5th grade.  Sunday School provides an enjoyable opportunity for children to engage and learn about God on Sunday mornings.  Each week the children gather to sing songs, pray, work on Bible verses and stories, crafts, fellowship and fun.  The children are also involved in community service projects throughout the school year as well.  We meet at 10:15 am and end with prayer by 11 am.  We grow in faith and friendship at St. Andrew! Come and see what is happening here on Sunday mornings.  All are welcome!


Confirmation is on summer vacation until the fall.

Our confirmation program is geared for Middle School-aged students and meets during the Sunday from 10:15 - 11:15 am, except on the first Sunday of the month when the congregation gets together for brunch after church.  The first year of our 2-year program includes a study of the Old Testament, interactions between God and His Creation and how a God-fearing nation was built with the Hebrew people.  Our curriculum is a mixture of The Bible, the Lutheran Curriculum, "Here We Stand", Martin Luther's Small Catechism and a newly acquired book of Middle School "Talk-sheets" of the epic Old Testament Stories with a discussion guide.   The lessons start with creation and continue all the way through the Book of Judges, and includes thought-provoking questions to discuss, along with applications for today.

The second year of Confirmation study is an exciting look through the New Testament, and the religious and political events that led to the Crucifixion.  The course will also include learning more about the influence of Martin Luther.  The Sacraments (Baptism & Communion) and applying the 10 Commandments to modern-day living is a vital part of this instruction.  All of this hard work will culminate in students reaffirming their Baptism in the church service where the congregation and families can celebrate their hard work.

Weekly Children's sermon

Every week the children are welcome to join our Pastor in front of the chancel for a special message shaped specifically for our kids.


Currently being held at Pastor Caleb's house, youth gather in a relaxed atmosphere to eat, worship and plan fun activates.  Come join the fun.  Call Pastor Caleb for directions.  661-769-6373.

Special Events

Special Events are planned throughout the year for children and families.  Some of these celebrations include:  Sunday school Kick-off, First Communion, Jesus’ Birthday Party, Children’s Christmas Program, First Bible, Easter Egg Hunt & Brunch, and more.  These events are designed to rejoice in our faith, reach out to the community, as well as strengthen our relationships with one another.


VBS this year is July 11-15, 2016.  Hope Lutheran Church from northern MN will be participating, which will provide a northern flavor to what's shaping up to superb experience for the youth of our community.  See the CONNECT page for registration.


Planning has already begun for the national youth gathering in Houston in 2018.  We are currently searching for volunteer projects for approximately 600 youth in San Antonio to take place prior to the national gathering in Houston.  This promises to be a truly memorable event for our kids.

Wiggle Bucket

Outside the main sanctuary doors is a Wiggle Bucket filled with quiet items for young children. These activities allow the children to listen and actively participate in worshiping the Lord, but also give them something to do during those “wiggle” moments.